Friday, November 30, 2007

All I want for Christmas is a spelling tutor

I know I said I put a family ban on Christmas list-making until a week after Thanksgiving (which, by the time I figured out how to load this picture, it IS!)- but I found this list made by Molly (age 9) and I couldn't resist posting it - for posterity's sake. When she's a Rhodes scholar one day...or a homeschool Mom (same difference....), she will think this is really cute. Right now, she's embarrassed by it - but I told my kids..."You're the children of a blogger now. Say bye-bye to your privacy and dignity."

And just in case one of her older siblings reads this, and wants to get her something but needs help deciphering - here's her edited list:

doll clothes

Barbie (I love the way she couldn't decide which way to make the she picked both :)



locket (I can only assume the ones with a star by them mean she REALLY wants them)

soundtrack for Shrek the 3rd (is this a sign of the video age when a child can spell Shrek, but not clothes?)

a ring

doll house people

Happy shopping, pepel! - Debbie


Shepherd said...

I'm glad you didn't have a blog when I was small! (If there was a bom I would sav you.)


Mary said...

Just be glad it's your "9" year old and not your 18 year old. I cringed when I read her MySpace profile!!!! How could she live in my home for nearly 4 years and STILL spell like that!